In order to reach as far as possible, Union in Nordea cooperate to a great extend with various bodies – from Nordea to Nordic Financial Unions (NFU) and Union Network International (UNI).

Group Council

Union in Nordea is represented in Group Council (GC) which is a body of Nordic managers and union representatives. The purpose of GC is to encourage dialogue and understanding between the management and the union. The minutes of the GC meetings are published on the Nordea intranet.

Consultative Committees (CC)

The six Consultative Committees (CC) of Nordea are bodies of cooperation and dialogue between employee representatives and management. Each committee covers a business area of Nordea. Regularly, all CC members meet at a CC seminar. The CC seminar focuses on relevant topics as well as on improving cooperation between the individual CCs. Usually the CC seminar is visited by representatives of the Nordea management.